Soap with avocado


Avocado has a strong regenerative effect, cleanses, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin on the face and body, giving it radiance, health and beauty.
Avocado, rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids and folic acid, is easily absorbed, nourishes and moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin instantly and effectively, while removing dead cells while giving the skin firmness and radiance. It also helps heal scars, shrink large pores and reduce skin blemishes. With jasmine essential oil

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We at the company HIPPOCRETA, aiming at quality, but above all on health, make handmade cold process herbal soaps (cold process) only small batches of each type and each combination (small batch)
They are made from 100% extra virgin olive oil and other vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, palm oil, balsam oil, calendula oil, and other herbal oils, our own production with few exceptions.
These offer excellent cleansing results, natural hydration and rich foam.
They are prepared by the cold method, which means that the oils do not reach the boiling temperature, as well as all the glycerin remains with its emollient and cosmetic properties. At low temperatures, oils do not lose their beneficial properties

HIPPOCRETA soaps are made with deionized water and extra virgin Cretan olive oil, as well as natural herbal extracts of flowers and spices
To these are added active ingredients such as beeswax, clay, charcoal, 24 carat gold, powder, silk, spirulina, powders of various herbs and spices, raw sheep’s milk and not milk powders,
oat flowers, fruits, spices,
cocoa, honey, vegetable dyes, pastry dyes, and essential oils.
The soap has the property with its aging to optimize its properties, for this reason they mature in a dry and cool place for 6-8 weeks
Our herbal handmade soaps are friendly to the skin and the environment without harmful chemical ingredients and have excellent cleansing, cosmetic and healing properties depending on the addition we make to the basic recipe.

HIPPOCRETA soaps are a wonderful gift that you can give every day, to the largest organ of your body !!!!

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Soap with avocado

Availability: 14 in stock

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