Painkiller -Heating-Anti-inflammatory Waxing


This is a recipe for fighting all kinds of muscle and nerve pains and diseases. Like the locks, the “ganglion”, the “carpal tunnel syndrome” and the “tennis elbow”. All the ingredients are selected one by one. The cream contains the famous substance capasaicin which is also found in heating patches with a strong effect on neck and back problems.
The cream has excellent performance in athletes, instead of using heating ointments! This mixture is also very effective in closing wounds and healing burns, as it has hematopoietic properties.


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The combination of beeswax, olive oil and herbal extract began to gain ground for its effectiveness, but also for its ease of use. WAX …. The beeswax which is also the base of beeswax has a multitude of beneficial properties:
Nourishing, moisturizing, soothing, emollient, anti-aging and anti-fungal are just some of its properties.
It is worth noting that the beneficial properties of wax are almost the same as those of propolis and royal jelly, as bees add tiny amounts to each honeycomb cell.

OLIVE OIL: The liquid gold that heals your skin
Olive oil, one of the greatest gifts of the Greek land, the “liquid gold”, as Homer characterized it and according to nutritionists,
is one of the key secrets of longevity,
αφού τα οφέλη που κερδίζουμε από την κατανάλωσή του είναι πολλά.
Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, up to 83% and antioxidants. This key element of the Mediterranean diet, praised by all who have studied and analyzed it, is not only extremely beneficial to our health,
when consumed as food, as medicine but also as a cosmetic. More than 60 medical uses are mentioned in the “Hippocratic Code” such as the use of olive oil for smears for chronic fevers, abscesses, wounds, as well as for oral and eye hygiene. Olive oil as a cosmetic is known from the signs of Linear B ‘where it is stated that the olive oil for such use was of excellent quality and was often flavored with herbs. Hair treatment with olive oil was already known from the Minoan and Mycenaean period. Women lubricated their hair with oil to nourish,
to be easily combed and polished.
In Crete, they made lotions with olive oil and laurel seed for strong black hair. In Thrace, cracked hands were treated with olive oil.
Olive oil is still used today in cosmetic products, as it soothes, rejuvenates, moisturizes and keeps the skin smooth.
Whatever skin type you have, you can use olive oil cosmetics to get smooth, hydrated and clean skin without rashes and pimples.
In addition, it contains other important active ingredients, high levels of vitamin K and trace elements such as sodium, potassium and magnesium
which are beneficial for the skin. Thanks to the antioxidant action of polyphenols and vitamin E, the skin is protected from premature aging.
Finally, HERB EXTRACTS and their appropriate combination add to the wax ointment their beneficial properties.
With a lot of study, a lot of passion and research we created a series of different wax ointments.
The various combinations of extracts provide effective solutions to our different needs. Solutions from nature …

MinoansecretePainkiller -Heating-Anti-inflammatory Waxing

Availability: 14 in stock

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